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Trusting God When You’re Struggling

When I was writing my book, Trusting God When You’re Struggling: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith, this was my inspiration verse: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

I was personally struggling with living in that rest, and writing the book helped me change my heart, my mindset, and let a lot of things go.

In this short 7-day devotional, I talk about letting go of self, time, results, and a few other things.

Connie’s Facebook Groups

It’s too easy to just check my daily Bible reading off the to-do list without bringing what I learned into the rest of my day. I want to look at the mirror of the Word of God and remember what I’m supposed to look like when I walk away. In this group, I share what I’m learning with you in a way that uplifts, brings new insight, and sheds a little light in a dark world.

Writing is lonely! You want someone to talk to about your words, your struggles, your marketing. Enter all ye who are weary and word-worn and need someone who understands. We have daily writing-related (mostly) discussion topics, and the occasional virtual get-together – sometimes as groups and sometimes when one member just requests a “virtual coffee date” to help with brain-storming or just for encouragement! This is a space to build each other up and help each other grow!