About C. E. White

C.E. White is an author, artist, and entrepreneur living in the mountains of North Georgia. Her works are fueled by a lifetime love of both reading and Jesus, and she longs to inspire others with words of hope and imagination. When she’s not penning her next book, you can find her creating collage art, renovating her house, conquering mounds of paperwork, or RVing with her husband and two cats.

Connie’s Facebook Groups

Writing is lonely! You want someone to talk to about your words, your struggles, your marketing. Enter all ye who are weary and word-worn and need someone who understands. We have daily writing-related (mostly) discussion topics, and the occasional virtual get-together – sometimes as groups and sometimes when one member just requests a “virtual coffee date” to help with brain-storming or just for encouragement! This is a space to build each other up and help each other grow!

It’s too easy to just check my daily Bible reading off the to-do list without bringing what I learned into the rest of my day. I want to look at the mirror of the Word of God and remember what I’m supposed to look like when I walk away. In this group, I share what I’m learning with you in a way that uplifts, brings new insight, and sheds a little light in a dark world.

C. E. White’s Backstory

Before I had yet learned to read, I got mad at my older siblings because they often preferred to read rather than play with me. I announced that reading was boring, anyone who liked it was a boring person, and I would never like it.

When I did learn to read, I quickly discovered my sister’s Nancy Drew books and found them riveting. But I didn’t want anyone to know since I had boldly pronounced reading boring. No matter that none of them probably cared or even remembered that I’d said so.

I hid under the covers at night reading with a flashlight not—like most children—because I was supposed to be sleeping, but because I was hiding my big secret—reading was fun!

Never underestimate the power of example. If I hadn’t seen my siblings reading all the time, I might never have discovered this joy!

Reading became more important to me when I was about eleven. I started seeing truth in stories and seeing myself in characters in ways that helped me make sense of the world. I learned things that have shaped who I am into adulthood. I think that’s why I started writing middle grade, and why it’s my favorite. I remember reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett all in one sitting and reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis over and over again.

I never expected to delve into picture books or non-fiction, but the Lord leads and we follow! God has also opened the door for some speaking engagements in churches, and though it’s not something I ever expected I would do, I prayerfully consider invitations.

In everything I write and every word I say, my hope is to glorify him, express truth in ways that help others make sense of the world, and hopefully, entertain a little.

I hope you enjoy my worlds and my thoughts!

—C. E. White